Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Big, Big Boy Diapers....

So, what does happen after your child grows out of size 6 diapers? Depends for Adults?
Thank God, not exactly. Gabe has been "leaking" at night in the belly region, and is showing a "sideways smile in back" during the day. Yikes! He's not THAT big. He's not even three. Kids are getting bigger nowadays, so why aren't diapers? Potty training before 3 years old ? I don't think so, not for Gabe. Boo did it with a little coaching, but mostly on her terms. So, a great parent at Gabe's school bestowed upon me the coveted secret....

Goodnites Underpants!!!

Boys and Girls
S-M (38-65 lbs)
L-XL (60-125+ lbs)

Does his butt look big to you?

After Gabe's bath, I decided to try them out. Almost $15 bucks for 27 "underpants", but hey Gabe's tush needed some covering. He surprised me with being totally OK with the new diapers. In fact, if I were to interpret Gabe's facial expressions into language, it would've gone something like this....

"Hey mom, what's up with slippin' on my diapers like pants?"

"Wow! No breeze down my backside."


"Do these make my butt look fat?"

Here's to hoping they make it through the night!