Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life Is A Highway...Gabe's Gonna Ride It all Night Long

video Here's the video of Gabe burning some Big Wheel rubber. I am beaming with pride.

Last summer, I put him on his bike and pushed him around the court, while he honked his horn. It was a start. I just wondered if Gabe would ever want to learn to ride a bike or anything with wheels, he is a real indoors type of person. Until this year! This year I was bound and determined to expose Gabe to all the beauty that awaits him beyond the magnificant marble run, Geo Trax Trains and comfy sleeping bag he lounges on in the playroom. This year is the year of the larger blow up pool on our deck sprinkled with floaties. There are sprinklers that hit you from all directions in our front yard (who needs a spray park?) And a slip and slide that beckons umbrellas to get wet in, but for some reason has yet to be slid on. But, the most wonderful part of it all....there are friends to play with while doing all these awesome things outside. Yes, this year I invested a lot. In return, though, I have a son that looks out the window and calls for his friends to come play.

He was pedaling pretty fast once I got the seat adjusted where it fit him just right.

This could have not gone so well, but there was a safe clearance....whew...

Another Big Wheel Buddy

Get your motors running !

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Did I tell you that Gabe is now 4 years old? I kept saying in my head a few days after his birthday, "Four? Really?" I am 35 years old and have a 5 1/2 year old and a four year old. I never imagined being here, in this spot, in this moment. I can truly say, that I understand what it feels like to be older with a lot of responsibility, but I still feel the passion of my untamed youth.

Gabe and some of his friends at his birthday party:o)

In California! We stayed in Palo Alto and took day trips to San Francisco. One day we took this train. Gabe was over the moon! After that, Gabe wanted to ride the train everyday and resented our car. (I thought of you Annette when we were in California. Even though I was in the same state, you were still far away!)

At the San Francisco Zoo riding........a train. (lol)

The zoo reminded me of Detroit's zoo, making gains in better habitats for some of the animals, but still some were living in pretty deplorable conditions. The foliage and plant life was amazing.

Boo is now an official first grader.(I am a mom to a first grader!)

Who likes to give SD (Super Daddy) a heart attack with her dollar store press on nails. (They fell of two minutes after this picture was taken)
Gabe finished his speech based preschool. He made his way to the top of his class. He was becoming a model for the other children. Amazing. He's worked so hard. I couldn't be prouder.
This fall is "Big Boy Preschool". Gabe being mainstreamed completely in our public school preschool. All our support, professional and otherwise agree. He's on his way.

Sorry about the mess, words scattered every where. I should not have messed with the HTML Gods.