Friday, May 11, 2007

The Other Group of Moms

Off I went, landing into yet another social gathering with other moms. I picked out an outfit, more trendy than dressy, wearing a smile that says "My hair looks fabulous today!" I just can't seem to get away from this insanity. This mom group, however, is from Boo's school. Most of these moms I have yet to meet and have an actual conversation with. There are only two that I have spoken to more than once and in complete sentences. Today, I knew would not be one of those days, because Gabe would be with me.

The moms seem harmless, especially since they too have sent their children to a private religious school. So the caddy, tartness and overt attempts at making you feel less than are frowned upon at our church, I felt safe. And in the end, I was. Boo was so beautiful, talented and amazing as she read her reading for mass. She also did some wonderful hand gestures to 3 of the songs sang in church. She did them front and center, facing the entire school. Wow! I thought. She is so brave. I was so proud. I wanted to give a standing ovation after each song, but as is typical in our church, the room went silent and everyone bowed their head in prayer at the completion of each song.

The diamonds and expensive purses are still there, but not flaunted as much. For, in my denomination, if you can flaunt it, you can donate it. The church says put your money where your soul is, not in your Coach purse. I like that philosophy. It keeps the wealthy masses humble. I looked and felt right at home here. Kind've. Mass is a good hour or so long. The pews are covered with non removable cushions, that I think Gabe maybe sensitive too (Dust Mites?) The eye rubbing started soon after we were seated. Now, here's the dilemma, do I go sit far away, where we sit in nonupholstered chairs, but can barely
see Boo? Or, do I take intermittent breaks, where Gabe and I leave to go for walks between Boo's appearances to ease Gabe's reactions? I chose the latter. I chose to sit right up front where I could cheer Boo on. Where, for once, it was all about her. I gave a lot smiles and blew several kisses. I did offer Gabe eye drops and other medication, but he unfortunately turned them down. So, I reinforced his good behavior every 5 minutes at first, then ten later on during the entire mass. I made sure to bring my timer, and we set it together and waited until it beeped. If he was still in his seat, being quiet he could have a marshmallow or Swedish fish. This worked for most of the mass. I would like to say it was perfect and not a strand of my hair fell out of my head from stress, but in retrospect, Gabe did awesome all things considered.

As we were about to leave, I noticed all the moms hanging around chatting as if they were just about to go out and get coffee or perhaps delaying a little before spending the afternoon casually preparing for the busy weekend. I, on the other hand, gave Gabe a big kiss on the head, smiled and said "Ready to go?" We did it, not totally unscathed, but my hair still looked good, Gabe had a snack and Boo smiled knowing she too was important to me.